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State Tournaments

2020 State Tournament List

The 2020 list of State Tournaments is posted on under tournaments. They will be posted at a later date on here.

Entry Fee

The entry fee has been moved up to $250 per team. $50 of the entry fee will be given to the state tournament host to use for rent and field maintenance.

The Registration "State Tournaments" is not currently available.


All teams will be required to create a roster on and present a signed copy of your roster at state. You can create your roster at the link below. Once you have created your roster and it is approved you will be able to go back into the system and print your roster.


Create Online Roster Link

Create your online roster by clicking on this link. When you are done it will go into our approval system and then we will export a USA Softball roster for you. If you do not do this prior to the state tournament you will be writing one out before your first game.

Dan Pfeffer

Dan Pfeffer

Minnesota Softball Commissioner

Phone: 952-250-3393

Mike Giinthir

Mike Giinthir

Minnesota Softball President

Phone: 952-200-1848