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Roster Help


USA Softball Minnesota and Minnesota Softball use to create our rosters. Your roster is your passport to play softball in Minnesota.

As of the end of the 2017 season we have captured over 13,000 rosters and 133,000 players.

The roster system allows you to create a roster using previously created players. If the player exists in our database, you will not need to recreate the player. Rather you can search, select, and add them. It can take as little a one (1) minute to create a team.


Create a girls’ fast pitch roster at

Click on “Team Managers” in the upper right corner of the website

If you have created a roster before on this site, simply log in.

If you have not created a roster before on this site, click “Register as a New Manager” and fill out the subsequent form

Click on “Teams” in the left menu.

To view teams that you have created, click on “View Teams” in the left menu. If your team for this season exists in there, you may edit it and the players and the roster, and then submit for review again.

To add a new team, click on “Add Team” in the left menu.


Want to make it super easy on yourself and make a copy of your roster from last season?

Log into the teams area in the admin section

You should see your roster from last season.

Click on the "Roster Copy" button which looks like double boxes.

Click the green "Migrate Team" button.

This should put your team in a pending status. You should be able to edit this roster and submit for approval.


Fill out the following information to create your new team:

  • Name – Team Name
  • City
  • State
  • Class – The class of the team you are requesting
  • Association - If you intend to play in a USA Softball league or tournament leave this set to USA Softball.
  • Year – Auto populates to the current year, it can be changed by admins.
  • Division - Set the division of play you intend to play in
    • MSP – Men’s Slow Pitch
    • MMP – Men’s Modified Pitch
    • MFP – Men’s Fast Pitch
    • WSP – Women’s Slow Pitch
    • WFP – Women’s Fast Pitch
    • CESP – Co-Ed Slow Pitch
    • 16 Inch – Kittenball/16 Inch Slow Pitch
  • League – Select the City or League you play in. There are a couple of options:
    • If you do not play in a league select "None".
    • If your league is not listed select "Other" and below that enter the league you do play in.
  • You may also enter coach information in here. This is the person that will be listed on the roster and is in charge of your team at games.
  • Click the gray button “Submit for Review and Return to Teams” if you do not plan on adding players to your roster at this time.
  • Click the blue button “Submit for Review and Advance to Roster” if you would like to advance to adding players to your roster.


These systems have databases of players stored in them which you are accessing. If you type a person’s name or part of their name, you will see a list of candidates. If you only type “Johnson” you will get a couple hundred candidates. One common names get more specific like “Tom Johnson” or “Thomas Johnson”. If the player has a less common last name like Pfeffer, just enter “Pfeffer” and there should be a small list of candidates.

Many of the people that created player data used names other than formal names. You might want to search on different types of spellings or renderings like “Tom”, “Thomas”, or even “Tommy”.

  • Type part of all of the player’s name in the data entry box at the top of the web page.
  • A list of candidates will appear when you start typing.
    • Give the site a little time to retrieve candidates from the database.
  • Click on the name of the player you want to add. Keep repeating this through your list of players until you get to a player that is not in the database.
  • If the player’s name does not appear, click “Add <Player’s Name>” immediately below the add a player box.
  • That will pop up the “Add a Player” dialogue box. Enter the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Nickname – skip this, we do not need this information
    • Gender – skip this
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Birthday – the format for this is YYYY-MM-DD if you want to type it in
    • Rating – you cannot enter this, the player assumes the rating of the classification of the team you are creating
  • Click the blue box “Submit for Review and Add Player”.
  • This will show the player on your team.
  • Repeat the process until all players on your roster are on this list.
  • Click the blue box “Return to Teams” to submit for approval.

This should send you to the Teams page which has all of the teams you have created under this log in. It will show up as pending until the administrators have had time to review your team.

You can create players with little or no information. However, that leads to you having to fill this out every weekend when you turn your roster in by hand. Do yourself and everyone involved in operating tournaments by entering all of the above information as accurately as possible.

Player ratings will be checked against and updated to match the USA Softball Player Ratings database at:


USA Softball league teams will not be charged. Non-USA Softball teams will be charged $50. You can pay your fee by going to PayPal and sending it to Once paid, we will process your roster. If you never pay it, the roster will sit in pending or rejected mode for the entire season.

Teams from outside of Minnesota that are registered with USA Softball do not need to pay the roster and registration fee if they can prove they are registered in another state.

Proof of registration should be emailed to Dan Pfeffer at


You can now print your roster in the admin section. It is available in 2018 in PDF format. After your roster is approved we highly encourage you to download the PDF in the admin section and keep a copy with you at all tournaments.

  • Print Roster (admin section) – you may download and print your roster. This will show up as a blue button to the right of your team name. It will download in PDF format. It might take a little while to generate the PDF. This roster has all of the necessary signatures you will need to play USA Softball. This is your passport to play.
  • Print Roster (public facing section) – You or anyone can review and print your roster. This is the official USA Softball National Championship Play Roster with far less player information and no signatures. It will say "Approved" on it and tournament directors will accept this. The only player information on it is Name, City, State, Zip, and Player Rating. You can use the format but the PDF format is encouraged.

Always print in landscape format if at all possible. It represents best on paper that way.


All you need to do is go back to and log in.

  • Click on Teams > View Teams in the left menu
  • Click on the gray pencil button (edit this team) on the far right of your team name. (If you are on a mobile phone you may need to switch to landscape view to see the button.
  • Click on the blue Submit for Review and Advance to Roster button.

After that you add players like you did before.

  • Click the blue Return to Teams button at the bottom of the page.

The roster and the new players will need to be approved by staff after you do this.


All you need to do is go back to and log in.

  • Click on Teams > View Teams in the left menu
  • Click on the gray pencil button (edit this team) on the far right of your team name. (If you are on a mobile phone you may need to switch to landscape view to see the button.
  • Click on the blue Submit for Review and Advance to Roster button.
  • Click on the red minus button (remove this player from the team).
  • Click the blue Return to Teams button at the bottom of the page.


Read this and follow instructions when creating your roster.

This is a mobile responsive website. You can create a roster on your phone. However, the mobile site does have less features and is a little more difficult. For best results, try to sit down at a desktop or laptop to create your roster.

If you submit a roster without the necessary player information (name, address, city, state, zip, birthdate, phone, email) you can expect the roster to be denied and/or delayed.

Your team really ought to have a roster prior to playing in any Minnesota Softball or USA Softball tournament. Get your roster created as soon as you get the kids' information collected.

No one ever got in trouble for turning a roster in early. The earlier you get your roster in the more likely it will be approved quickly. If you are going to wait until a Friday night before a tournament chances are it won't be touched until Monday morning defeating the purpose of filling it out.

If you wait until the roster entry deadline there will be a delay in getting it approved as well. There are typically around 3,000 rosters per year for us to approve.


If you need help email me at and I will get back to you as quickly as we can. Facebook messaging and texting is not the best option here. Please email so I can keep track of work I need to do. Texting and sending Facebook messages will only get lost.