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USA Softball Minnesota League Director Information

Scorebooks and Rulebooks

You can get your scorebooks and rulebooks simply by filling out the League Membership form (which is below) and returning it to the state office by email to of by mailing your form to the address below:

Minnesota Softball
877 Meander Court
Medina, MN 55340

We do not conduct district meetings. Instead we answer emails and phone calls during the entire season, day or night.

Order A.D. Starr Tattoo Softballs

A.D. Starr Tattoo is the official softball of Minnesota Softball. These are the balls we use at our State and USA Softball National Tournaments. There are discounts for bulk purchases. If your tournament directors or teams need softballs, please send them our way.

New Insurance Information

If all of your teams are registered with USA Softball you will get the following insurance for FREE:

  • Field Owners Liability Insurance - Coverage is in effect only when USA Softball registered teams are practicing or playing softball, and when the activities on those fields are authorized by the local USA Softball Association. The league director should request the policy from the USA Softball Commissioner.
  • Tournament Directors Liability Insurance - Coverage is in effect only when USA Softball registered teams are playing in an approved USA Softball tournament. The Tournament Director may request additional insured certificates as well as event proof of insurance. This is at no cost to the Tournament Director.

You can request these policies from USA Softball Minnesota and sent to your City Risk Manager, City Administrator, or whoever you need it to go to.

For more information about USA Softball and RPS/Bollinger Insurance click here:

League Directors/Websites

If you need help publishing your league standings, teams, contacts, or other league information, please consider using this site. Leagues are in the top menu and to the right, just click on the league name.

Each league and tournament director can be made owner of their sites and change them in any way they wish to. The website features include:

  • Standings
  • Schedules
  • Registration Forms
  • Weather
  • Team Pages
  • Rosters
  • Calendar
  • Excel/Word/PDF Uploads
  • App for team pages (Sport NGIN Mobile)
  • App scorekeeping on iPad or iPhone (iScorecast)
  • Umpire scheduling
  • Error Detection (double booked teams, fields, and umpires)

If you can put your league schedule into Excel in our upload format, you can automatically create your online league schedules in a matter of seconds.

Important Dates/Deadlines to Remember

  • April 1 - Request rulebooks and scorebooks
  • June 1 - Team Membership Forms and Team Membership Fees Due
  • June 15 - State Tournament Entries Due
  • *July 1 - Adult Rosters Due
  • July 15 - Adult State Tournament Fees Due
  • August 30 - Fall Team Membership Forms and Team Membership Fees Due
  • September 15 - Fall Adult State Tournament Fees Due

*If a team is playing in a tournament they must present a copy of their roster to the tournament director. They can create their online roster at

Online Rosters

Minnesota Softball has created an online roster system that the teams in your league or tournament can quickly create a roster for your review. provides the following features:

  1. Your team managers can create their own roster..
  2. Once they create a roster and it is approved they can go back into the admin section, download an official roster in PDF format, and print it.
  3. The website tracks where they have played throughout their career.
  4. The website tracks their player rating.
  5. The website tracks teams, games, and scores.
  6. Managers can edit rosters by adding or cutting players during the season. All edits must be approved by a State Commissioner.

Player ratings are by no means perfect. Players may appeal their rating annually. Based on tracking the history of the player, our player reps can view the player pages and make appeal decisions with more information than has ever been provided before. We are doing more for softball by rating players and subsequently teams off of player ratings, and placing these teams in a division where they will be competitive.

To view the roster creation tutorial go to: