Who is covered by the USA Softball General Liability policy?

  • USA Softball
  • Local USA Softball Associations
  • Local USA Commissioners
  • Officers of USA Softball
  • Members of the Board of Directors of USA Softball
  • All Employees of the USA Softball
  • All Voting Members of the USA Softball Council
  • Junior Olympic Commissioners
  • Deputy Commissioners
  • Player Reps/At-Large Player Reps
  • Umpires in Chief
  • All Registered Umpires
  • ACE Certified Coaches
  • Tournament Directors of USA Softball Sanctioned Tournaments (Individuals only – not incorporated entities)
  • Scorekeepers acting on behalf of an USA Softball team or league
  • and others acting in official capacities as authorized representatives of the USA Softball.

How are Teams, Leagues, Players & Coaches covered under USA Softball's General Liability Policy?

Individually Registered players and coaches, and teams and leagues that consist of 100% Individually Registered players and coaches, are covered automatically for general liability through the Individual Registration process.

Teams and leagues who are not part of Individual Registration, and who register through a team registration process with an USA Softball commissioner are NOT AUTOMATICALLY covered for insurance. A Team or League who registers by paying a team registration fee to a commissioner must purchase insurance separately through the USA Softball Team Insurance Plan. 

What is covered under the USA Softball General Liability Policy?

A General Liability Policy provides coverage for claims that fall into four main areas: Bodily Injury, Property Damage to Others, Personal Injury and Medical Payments to Others.

The USA Softball Liability Policy covers accidental Bodily Injury claims arising out of an USA Softball Team’s or League’s sponsored/supervised activities. Some examples of Bodily Injury liability claims are:

  • A spectator in the stands is injured by a pop fly and sues the team
  • A base runner deliberately slides into the 2nd baseman, breaking her leg; the parents sue the team

Damage to the property of a third-party is also covered under the Property Damage section of the General Liability policy. However, property that you own or for which you are responsible on a 24-hour basis is not covered, and a separate property insurance policy should be purchased for that exposure. Please note property damage coverage to parked vehicles is excluded. Examples of Property Damage claims are:

  • Damage to the windshield of a car driving by the field
  • Vandalism to premises by attendees of a covered tournament
  • Out of bounds ball breaks the window of a neighboring house

Personal Injury claims, examples of which are libel, slander and defamation, are also covered under the General Liability Policy.

Medical Payments to others, such as injuries to spectators or others not affiliated with USA Softballl, are covered under the General Liability policy. This coverage is intended to provide reimbursement of medical expenses for non-serious injuries, such as a slip/fall by a spectator at the field. Because of the non-serious nature of these types of claims, no lawsuit is necessary on the part of the injured person in order to collect reimbursement. Note that no medical payments coverage is available to players or participants injured during softball or related activities under the General Liability policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions for ASA General Liability Insurance

Q: When is my insurance effective?
A: For Individually Registered USA Softball players, coaches, etc., registering for the first time, coverage begins on the day of registration (if try-outs occur before registration the try-out is covered). For Individually Registered players and coaches who are renewing registration, they will be covered from January 1st of that year, provided they renew registrations by April of the renewal year.

For players and coaches buying the USA Softball Team Insurance Plan for the first time, they are covered from the day after postmark for mailed forms, or the day after their credit card transaction is approved. Renewing purchasers of the ASA Team Insurance Plan are covered effective January 1st of the renewal years, provided they renew prior to April 1st.

Q: Does the General Liability policy cover a team or league for all softball-related lawsuits?
A: No, the coverage is limited to accusations of negligence with regard to Bodily Injury and Property Damage. There are many other types of incidents that may give rise to lawsuits against your team or league, which are not covered by the General Liability policy because they fall under different types of insurance that you would need to purchase elsewhere. These can include: auto related claims, covered by an Auto Liability policy; lawsuits that stem from decisions that your team/league makes, such as team selection, coach selection, etc., would be covered by D&O liability.

Q: What is an example of a Bodily Injury claim?
A: A player slides into 2nd base and breaks her leg. The league is served with a lawsuit and accused of negligence with regard to improperly installing the base, and this injury was the result.

Q: What is an example of Property Damage claim?
A: During an USA Softball tournament, a player hits a foul ball and breaks the windshield of a car driving on an adjacent street. The owner of the car seeks reimbursement for the cost of the replaced/repaired windshield.

Q: Will Liability Insurance cover team members preparing the field before a game?
A: Yes. If a participant is injured while preparing the field, such as lining or raking, and the injury is caused by the negligence of the team or league, then coverage applies; but only if the field preparation is incidental, such as lining or raking, and only if it is done immediately before or after a game.

Q: Does the Liability Insurance cover Teams or Leagues when they participate in non-USA Softball Tournaments?
A: Yes, teams insured through the Individual Registration or Team Insurance Liability plan are
covered while participating in USA Softball and non-USA Softball tournaments.

Q: Does my League have Liability insurance if they host a friendly or a tournament?
A: If teams outside of your USA Softball Insured League are participating in the event, then you would need to purchase the USA Softball Tournament Insurance in order to be covered for this activity. Please see page 28 for more information.

Q: Are fundraisers covered for Liability?
A: Yes. Fundraising activities, award dinners and team meetings are covered. Fundraisers must be typical, non-hazardous and incidental, such as bake sales, raffles and car washes. Activities such as carnivals, fireworks or bungee jumping would not be covered. There is no liability coverage for the serving or selling of alcoholic beverages. The USA Softball Liability Insurance does not extend to national concessionaires or concessionaires at large stadiums – that exposure goes beyond the scope of USA Softball's role in covering softball and related activities. 

Q: Will the USA Softball Liability Insurance cover a league’s concession stands?
A: Yes, if the league is Individually Registered or has purchased Team Liability Insurance, the league’s operation of concession stands is covered. Note: There is no coverage for the sale, distribution or consumption of alcoholic beverages or for Worker’s Compensation claims. (Please note: National Concessionaires cannot be named as additional insured and teams and players are not covered while working in those concession stands).

Q: Are coaches or parents covered for Auto Liability while driving players to a game, practice or tournament?
A: No, there is no auto liability coverage under any USA Softball liability policies. Coverage for transporting participants is specifically excluded under the USA Softball Liability program, which means that the driver’s auto insurance (or that of the bus/van company, if hiring a bus/van for your team) will respond to any incidents. Always make sure that any drivers you select for carpooling or driving your team are adults (over 21) who are fully licensed, insured and have a clean driving record.