Individual player registration, legal liability, and secondary medical insurance can be purchased through USA Softball Minnesota. The costs are:

  • $12 for player and coach (new in 2017)

The term is from January 1 to December 31.

What does the USA Softball Accident policy cover?

This policy provides coverage for medical expenses that you incur as a result of your participation in USA Softball Team activities. The policy provides up to $250,000 in Accident Medical Expense protection, subject to a deductible and 90/10% coinsurance. Treatment and medical expenses are covered for 52 weeks from the date of injury. This is a supplemental policy purchased by the USA Softball for the benefit of its members to help minimize your out of pocket expenses if you are injured playing softball. The coverage is subject to the limits, conditions and exclusions of the policy and is not designed to cover “everything.”

ACE Coaching Certification and Background Checks

In order to play in ASA Junior Olympic Championship events:

  1. All bench personnel will have to pass an ASA Background Check through
  2. At least one coach will need to pass ACE Certification on

For more information on Background Checks and ACE Certification please go to

This only applies to A, B, and C classified teams playing in USA Softball Junior Olympic National Championship Tournaments.

If you wish to get background checks for all coaches in your association, click the following link for an excel file to fill out and return to

Insurance Requirements for USA Softball Junior Olympic Championship Play

In order to play in USA Softball Junior Olympic Championship events, USA Softball, for its own protection and the protection of all participants, has a minimum insurance requirement.  Teams that fail to meet these minimum requirements must either purchase limits and plan details equal or better, or they may join the USA Softball Insurance Plan by contacting their local USA Softball Commissioner for Team Insurance or Individual Registration options.


  1. The TEAM shall procure and maintain Commercial General Liability insurance on a per occurrence basis with limits of liability not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 aggregate combined single limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage.  Coverage shall include the following extensions:  (a) Athletic Participants Coverage (Participant Legal Liability), (b) Premises and Operations, (c) Products and Completed Operations, (d) Personal and Advertising Injury, (e) Sexual Abuse/Molestation Liability with no sub-limit.
  2. The TEAM must name the Amateur Softball Association (include address) as an “additional insured” on the liability policy, and must provide a certificate of insurance (and upon request a policy endorsement) on the policy described above.
  3. The insurance must be provided by an insurance company “admitted” to do business in all 50 states, having no less than an A.M. Best Rating of  “A”.


  1. The TEAM shall show proof of an EXCESS ACCIDENT insurance policy with a per injury limit of at least $250,000 and a deductible of no more than $250, and an Accident Death Limit of at least $5,000 and a Dismemberment Limit of at least $10,000.
  2. The insurance must be provided by an insurance company having no less than an A.M. Best Rating of “A”.

Other points for consideration:

The TEAM is also required to have its members (parents/guardians of members) sign the USA Softball waiver form that will be used.